Apprenticeships: The Smart Choice

Apprenticeships: The Smart Choice

Making Apprenticeships Work For Your Business

In 2016, the government announced the new Apprenticeship Levy Fund, targeted at those businesses with wage bills over £3m. It’s aim is to create 3 million new apprenticeships by 2020 in a response to the significant skills shortages being seen across the UK.

For those of you contributing to the Levy fund, let iMET work with you to utilise this fund to make apprenticeships work.

Cost Effective Training for ALL your staff

Rules for apprentices have now been relaxed; they are no longer limited to young people. This opens the doors for people of all ages to study as an apprentice and means that you can put your existing staff onto apprenticeships and convert current training programs into higher and degree level apprenticeships – freeing up your resources from your own inhouse training programs.

The Government tops up your Levy fund by 10%, and if you run out of funds, the government will pay 90% of the additional costs leaving you only needing to contribute 10%.

Making Training Relevant

At iMET we provide tailored specialist engineering programs. In a nutshell, making training relevant, by tailoring the courses to meet the needs of your business.

We are Flexible

We understand that all businesses are unique and can work with you to understand your requirements to provide training in a format that works for you.

We are Innovative

We are not constrained to the typical ways of working of traditional FE institutions. All year round training, alternative teaching methods and real life project based working are just some of the ways we ensure the training is relevant to you.

Building Loyalty

Investing in training and development of staff has been proven to improve staff satisfaction and retention, making employees feel valued and much more likely to stay with a business than surprisingly from getting promotions.

In today’s environment where Millennials are demanding much more from employers. Jobs for life are a long and distant thing of the past, with two-year stints becoming the norm. Investing in training and development can help to retain good talent and significantly reduce your recruitment time and bills.