Solving future skills challenges in a digital era

Solving future skills challenges in a digital era

The East of England has high concentrations of knowledge intensive industries including science and engineering technologies all of which have seen rapid employment growth over recent years, which is expected to continue, however a factor limiting this growth is the shortage of highly skilled workforce in these areas.

In an effort to reduce the skills gap, the Government has committed to an additional 3 million apprentices across England by 2020.

Through the introduction of the Apprenticeship Levy, the government aims to move focus on apprenticeships, equipping people with the relevant skills the industry needs.

How iMET can make a difference

iMET is working with the science and technology industries in the East of England to develop and deliver apprenticeships and short courses tailored specifically to these sectors.

iMET is equipped with a generous science laboratory, two digital suites and an Ideas Incubator, which houses virtual reality equipment to enable us to provide relevant and appropriate training tailored to your needs.

iMET working in partnership with Cambridgeshire Regional College and Peterborough Regional College provides access to a range of apprenticeships to serve all levels of the science and technology industry.

Encouraging young people into Science & Technology careers

Encouraging young workers into the STEM fields remains a challenge, despite much focus on this area over the years.

A study by the Royal Academy of Engineering estimates that there will be a need for 800,000 new science, engineering and technology professionals by 2020. To address this, iMET will be actively engaging schools and colleges and linking them with local businesses to help educate pupils, parents and teachers about the opportunities for a career in science and technology in the East of England.

Shaping the Future of Training

We’re also establishing a Science & Technology Advisory Committee, which will focus on providing direction for our curriculum development.

We’re also working closely with local businesses to understand your specific training needs and partner with you to develop tailored training programs. If you would like the opportunity to get involved and help shape the future of Science and Technology and next generation of talent please get in touch.