iMET selected as a case study for BIM level 2

iMET will also be a case study for the use of BIM (Building Information Modelling) that will provide a training exercise in the project process for iMET students and the construction industry in general.

BIM is designed to minimise construction and post-construction costs through defined outcomes and virtual planning that allows for cost scrutiny throughout the process.

BIM Level 2 is distinguished by collaborative working – all parties use their own 3D CAD models with intelligent data attached which are co-ordinated to produce the model.

All of the building data including cost, energy performance and spatial modelling is contained within the BIM and is able to be viewed with a virtual model.

Government Soft Landings is a process which identifies (through BIM) the maintenance profile of a building and may be incorporated in the future management of its facility to contain and reduce costs on its lifetime. Too often buildings have been constructed without thought on future maintenance costs and this important initiative seeks to control future costs as well as present capital expenditure.