Facility Hire

iMET is host to some of the most-advanced training facilities in the region along with a number of ideal spaces for lecturing, conferencing, seminars and networking.

Our exceptional facilities include:

3D Printing Workshops / CAD Suites / Engineering Workshops / Lecturing and Teaching Rooms / Virtual Reality Suites / Conference Rooms

We offer a range of facility hire options, including:

RoomSizeCapacity [people]Price [full day]Price [half day]
Room:G-01Size:25m2Capacity [people]:12 person, boardroom layoutPrice [full day]:£130Price [half day]:£70
Room:G-02Size:40m2Capacity [people]:16 person, boardroom layoutPrice [full day]:£150Price [half day]:£80
Room:G-06Size:30m2Capacity [people]:12, digital suitePrice [full day]:£150Price [half day]:£80
Room:W-01Size:241m2Capacity [people]:20Price [full day]:£190Price [half day]:£95
Room:W-02Size:397m2Capacity [people]:40Price [full day]:£380 Price [half day]:£195
Room:Atrium spaceSize:Capacity [people]:100 person, standing Price [full day]:£450Price [half day]:£240
Room:1-01Size:65m2 Capacity [people]:36 person, theatre layout or 28 person classroom layoutPrice [full day]:£225Price [half day]:£115
Room:1-05Size:71m2Capacity [people]:20, digital suitePrice [full day]:£290 Price [half day]:£150
Room:1-06Size:70m2Capacity [people]:20, virtual reality spacePrice [full day]:£290Price [half day]:£150
Room:1-08Size:44m2Capacity [people]:20Price [full day]:£190Price [half day]:£100
Room:1-09Size:51m2Capacity [people]:22Price [full day]:£190Price [half day]:£100
Room:1-10Size:47m2Capacity [people]:22Price [full day]:£190Price [half day]:£110
Room:1-08/9/10 [combined]Size:142m2Capacity [people]:80, theatre layout, or 64 classroom stylePrice [full day]:£500Price [half day]:£350
Room:Size:Capacity [people]:Price [full day]:All prices exclude VATPrice [half day]:

All rooms have WiFi connection and ability to connect to a large presentation screen.
Digital spaces (G-06 and 1-05) include use of CAD specification PC’s.
Catering is available through The Alconbury Weald Café on the Enterprise Campus.
Room hire prices include flipcharts and pens, technical support and ample car parking.

To enquire on availability or to make a reservation, please contact