Our partners are key to the development of iMET.

Our partners are key to the development of iMET.

iMET has begun a dialogue with businesses in the region to ascertain the types of courses that should be delivered in specialist areas; e.g. advanced manufacturing, digital technology and sector leadership & management.

iMET is identifying the provision needed that training meets the demands of all of our stakeholders and widening our network of training providers.

In line with Alconbury Weald’s economic strategy, iMET also aims to attract small firms with significant potential to grow and who see themselves expanding in the short term without needing to relocate.

Recent LSE research has concluded that half of the productivity gap between the UK and the USA could actually be attributed poor management and the government’s BIS department reported that ineffective line management costs UK businesses more than £19 billion per year. iMET will address these issues with suitable training provision.


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