How to boost business for UK manufacturers

How to boost business for UK manufacturers

It is well known to UK medium-sized manufacturers that the era of one line manufacturing is something of the past, and from now on to thrive in the future, their companies will have to function as full-service providers.

According to the 300 manufacturers surveyed, 56% say their customers will expect more flexibility whilst 53% say they must find more proactive solutions to meet their customers’ demands.

iMET prides itself in delivering flexibility by offering courses which can be tailored to customers, taking onboard what is required and delivering effective individual solutions. iMET’s courses offer employers advanced technical skills training in manufacturing, engineering and technology. This allows companies to expand their services by building on and further training their current members of staff.


As reported by the Future Fit report, to move into high-value manufacturing it is required of businesses to:

  • Update business models to include full service provision
  • Recognise customers’ demands to design their own products to manufacture automatically
  • Shift from high-volume to high-value manufacturing
  • Introduce smarter production techniques including big data
  • Consider new materials
  • Innovate in employee-owned business models

For businesses to move towards and compete with high-value manufacturing, factory workers and mid-sized manufacturers will have to accommodate the move by attaining technical skills and staff.

Chief economist for EEF, explains: “Companies’ business models are more complicated. They have to continually invest in innovation, new equipment, the skills of their workforce and management – the investment cycle is much faster than it’s been in the past”. iMET can offer the investment needed for businesses to adapt and evolve with what is expected of them.

iMET relieves the pressure that the new customers’ demands will put on manufacturers, by allowing them to deliver the more advanced skills and knowledge needed for customer success. The benefits of high-skilled, knowledge-intensive operations will result in a range of financial, strategic and socially competitive advantages for UK manufacturing.

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