With the new industrial development comes a new provision for advanced and technical training.

With the new industrial development comes a new provision for advanced and technical training.

Funded by Growth Funds through the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership (GCGPLEP), iMET demonstrates that innovative local initiatives can also meet the national agenda on skills, delivering positive results for UKplc.

Specialist, advanced courses are created in collaboration with local employers as aligned partners and directly meet the challenges of the now recognised, ‘accidental manager’ issue, with focused management training.  iMET challenges the most dangerous leadership myths, that leaders are born and that there is a genetic factor to leadership.  In fact, the opposite is true.  Leaders are made rather than born.

iMET also tackles the challenges posed by globalisation and a decline in traditional job roles by creating a regional centre of excellence, providing higher or advanced training for local industry, becoming renowned in producing a highly skilled local pool of talent with formal qualifications.

iMET is different and new, focusing upon individual employers and employees but crucially, we are employer led.  iMET is meeting a demand and is commercially focused, flexible, but specialist and very much supportive and supplementary to existing training organisations. We offer specialist support to traditional training providers and will collaborate with them to offer alternative training solutions to companies’ needs.

iMET is not a traditional further education provision.  We do not replace existing further education and higher education institutions, we supplement them by developing individuals to meet employers’ demands, filling the gap between further/higher education and requirements of industry specialist roles.

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